#Taipei Xmas
Shopping districts in Taipei
The marvelous Christmas of Taipei is here! Besides collaborating with 15 major department stores and 5 major shopping districts on the stamp collecting and treasure hunting campaign, Taipei City Government will also decorate the city with sparkling and beautiful Christmas illuminations. We invite you to visit Taipei during the Christmas season, where you can stroll along the romantic and shining streets and have fun all the way until New Year’s Day!
Gongguan Christmas Festival
Taipei Water Park
To celebrate Christmas, night-time illumination and day-time flower installations will be added for recreation and photos. A Christmas concert will also be held on December, 25, 2021, with performances by local schools as a tradition of the Gongguan Christmas for musical and cultural experience. The event will also be livestreamed. Welcome to participate.
Taipei New Year's Eve Party
Taipei City Hall Square
The new year’s eve countdown party is celebrated as a “once-in-the-lifetime event in Asian”. Illuminations will be decorated around Taipei City Hall in December for mesmerizing view to domestic and overseas visitors. Domestic and overseas performers will perform at New Year’s Eve Countdown Party on December 31. Celebrate your first minutes in 2022 with fascinating fireworks of Taipei 101 for a promising new year.
Taipei Lunar New Year Festival
Dihua Street in Datong District and others
The festival promote 13 shopping areas in three categories: recalling, enjoying, and tasting. 13 featured shopping areas include Dihua Street, Rongbin Market, Taipei Main Station Rear Exit Shopping District, Huayin Street Shopping District, Taipei City Mall, Siping Sun Square, Ningxia Night Market, Mengjia Night Market Shopping District, Mengjia Garment Shopping District, Taipei Audio & Video Street, Beimen Camera Street, Yuanling Street Shopping District and Chongqing South Road Book Shopping District.
Taipei Lantern Festival
Shilin District
Easily accessible with MRT, the Taipei Lantern Festival will arrive in Shilin this year. More than 100,000 lanterns and 300,000 m2 of illuminations will shine for 10 straight nights. A riverbank lantern area will also be available on both banks of the beautiful Shuangxi River. Visit Lantern Festival during this period, and enjoy a nighttime feast in sight and in flavor.
Ximen Play and Buy
12.03 - 01.09
In coordination will local shopping areas of Ximen and affiliated industries, performances will be arranged on weekends and holidays. Moreover, eye-catching decorations and installations will attract visitors and revive local business!