Taipei International Dragon Boat Championships
Dajia Riverside Park(under Dash Bridge)
This is the dragon boat race with highest number of participating teams in Taiwan! This year, 200 teams with about 5,000 members will participate in this contest that combines sports, folk culture and the benefits of riverside development. Hygiene measures will be in force during training and the matches. The first day of the play-offs and the third day of the finals will be broadcast live, so everyone can cheer on the players!
Taipei Water Festival
Taipei Water Park
*Closed on Mondays
Considering the priority of epidemic prevention and public health 【 #2021 Taipei Water Festival #cancelled 】
The most refreshing and coolest outdoor fun in the hot summertime! This 768 m2 aquatic oasis offers children’s slides, water fountains, waterfalls and other cool summer games. The water depth is about 40–60 cm. The water is checked every hour for residual chlorine and the water is replaced daily to ensure hygiene and peace of mind for all children and their family. Happy summer holidays!
Taipei Water Experience Activity
Dajia Riverside Park(under Dash Bridge)
*Every Saturday and Sunday
Want to try out different water sports in the summer? Don’t miss the Water Experience, which is held every summer vacation! Instructors are on hand to teach you the ropes. There are one-person stand-up paddle boards, canoes for two people, water rafts for multiple people, and water bikes for parents and children. Plenty of fun for everyone! New this year: advanced canoe courses!
Taipei Riverside Children’s Fun Carnival
Taipei Water Park
*Closed on July 19
Considering the priority of epidemic prevention and public health 【 #2021 Taipei Riverside Children’s Fun Carnival #cancelled 】
The much-anticipated riverside children’s fun Carnival is here! With a cute bear “Bravo” theme to boot! There will be water rides, fun performances, game stalls, and surprises galore that will keep the little visitors entertained. Come and enjoy the summertime together!
Taipei Valentine’s Day
Yanping Riverside Park
(Tamshui River, from Gate No. 3 through Gate No. 5)
2021 Taipei Valentine's Day will be postponed to October 16th. A series of activities connecting the entire Dadaocheng district allow the public to experience the local charm of old Taipei's and the romantic autumn scenery along the riverside.